An Exclusive Personal Training Gym in west palm beach

World-class coaching that takes all aspects of your health & well-being into account.

If you’re a career-focused individual whose focused more on their career at the expense of their health… and you’re wanting to bring that focus back

If you’re a semi-retired or retired CEO who now has a lot more time in their schedule… and you’re ready to finally begin feeling better after all those years of building & scaling businesses

If you’re an athlete who’s committed to your performance… and you’re wanting to optimize your performance and get every piece of the puzzle in order by doing things your competition is lacking

Yet, when you’ve tried in the past, you’ve never had a roadmap or a plan that’s taken into account everything that’s happening in your life… and it’s left you frustrated and agitated that you can’t get your health together

Or you’ve hired and worked with a coach before, but they’ve only addressed the physical and failed to take the mental, emotional, and spiritual sides of health into account… meaning you’ve worked hard, but only achieved 10% of the potential results

Everything CAN work… but not everything will work for you – especially optimally

Here at Pura Vida you experience world-class coaching that takes all aspects of your health & well-being into account so that you feel present, strong and are able to enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard for

one on one with your personal trainer in a private gym

Experience personal training in our private gym that is professionally equipped and suited for all levels.

Whether you’re a professional who’s health took a backseat to career goals, an athlete looking to gain an edge on the competition, or a parent who wants to have enough energy to play with their kids – our comprehensive approach will get you the results you desire.

Before beginning any program, you will complete a series of questionnaires that will allow our coaches to assess the relationship between your diet, lifestyle, internal organ stress, and pains/symptoms that you experience. The first session is a thorough orthopedic assessment that will ensure you are only performing movements that are appropriate for YOUR body. 

It is crucial to be confident and comfortable when moving through the 7 primal movement patterns before you load up the weights and throw your body further out of balance and end up injured! We are all about injury prevention and getting to the root cause of any current pain you may be experiencing.

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